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Korean Do

Price: 963 HKD / 134.82 USD (with flexible tip)

Sold: 79


The two-handed sabre or 'Do' is a study in utility. It is well-suited to both cavalry and infantry, and to both one and two-handed use. It is capable of very powerful cuts and long slashes, while still retaining good accuracy for thrusts.  This style of weapon is a true workhorse. Appearing across Asia in various incarnations, this weapon has become iconic. Slender and strong, sharp-edged and wickedly pointed, the Do is an all-purpose killer - efficient and potent.


The curvature facilitates drawing and aids slashing in cavalry actions. The blade design provides a solid response when cutting, yet also allows a small amount of flex to aid defensive techniques.


The Do is used in several Korean sword arts, such as Haidong Gumdo, Gicheon, and Sim Mudo.


The Realistic Sparring Weapons Do is based on an actual sword. Unlike either a juk-do (the bamboo sword used in kumdo sparring) or a moggum (a wooden sword), the RSW Do has the full weight and balance of the real sword. This realism allows for the full speed, full force execution of historical techniques that have traditionally been passed down as paired forms in which blows are pulled.


Specifications (slight variance occurs because each sword is handmade)

Overall Length: 40.75"

Blade Length: 29.75"

Weight: 2 lbs 9 oz

Center of gravity: 6" from the guard



Notice the handle on the right hand side is not circular but oval shaped, just like the real Do's hilt. The blade is single edged and features 2 flats and 1 spine in addition to the edge.


We'll repair the battle damage of your blade for 415 HKD. If you want the guard renewed also, it would be 415 HKD. The repair service excludes broken core.


The guard will be padded with foam for free by default. Shown below is an example of foam padding:



Or padded with rubber with the cost 20HKD / 2.64 USD. It is more attractive and durable than the foam padding. Shown below is the examples of rubber padding.



Beginner Grade Do

Overall Length: 40.75"

Blade Length: 29.75"

Price: 450 HKD / 63 USD


  Real Weapon Shape Real Weapon Size Real Weapon Weight Real Weapon Balance Full Contact Full Body Targeting Safety* Historical Accurate Techniques** Endurance > 100 duels* Blade with Discernible Edge(s) and Flat Non-Cylindrical Grip
master grade
Beginner Grade          

* Measured under the circumstance where only helmets with face mask were worn, sparring with full speed.

** Includes but not limited to parry, block, slide, bind and wind.

For international order, we accept payment through PayPal. Please email for details.

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