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European Bastard Sword

Price: 913 HKD / 127.82 USD (with flexible tip)

Sold: 144

The Realistic Sparring Weapons version of European Bastard Sword is modeled after a light and fast bastard sword designed for unarmored combat. Compare to the Chinese Jian and the Japanese Katana, the bastard sword enjoys superior versatility for it can be wielded either with one hand or two hands in cut and thrust fashion. Due to the distal taper feature, where the thickness of the blade decreases along the blade length, it has the thinnest blade among the three and is highly maneuverable. The cruciform guard allows binding movements to trap and displace the opponent's blade. Historically, European swords were made to survive the harsh environment they had to face. They encountered the best armors in the world of the time and the extreme cold weather. Thus the metallurgy gave them forgiving, reliable and durable characteristics.

Specifications (slight variance occurs due to the nature of handmade)

Overall Length: 42.25"

Blade Length: 33.875"

Weight: 2 lbs 4 oz

Center of gravity: 5.25" from the guard


European Longsword



In addition to the bastard sword above, we have developed another one that is longer and heavier with the similar appearance. Although it is larger in size, the handling characteristic is superb. It has authority during cutting motion, yet due to the excellent balance and the carefully designed hilt's length, the maneuverability of the sword is extremely good. With the strong leverage, it excels in both accelerating from stationary and braking to stop during a powerful cut. Its specifications are listed below:


Price: 1103 HKD / 154.42 USD (with flexible tip)

Sold: 286


Specifications (slight variance occurs due to the nature of handmade)

Overall Length: 47.25"

Blade Length: 36"

Weight: 3 lbs 1 oz

Center of gravity: 4.25" from the guard


We'll repair the battle damage of your blade for 415 HKD. If you want the guard renewed also, it would be 415 HKD. The repair service excludes broken core.

Notice the non-circular handle of the sword, which tells the direction of the edges and the position of the flats on the blade.



The blade is non-cylindrical to features discernible flats and edges.


The guard will be padded with foam for free by default. Shown below is an example of foam padding:



Or padded with rubber with the cost 20HKD / 2.64 USD. It is more attractive and durable than the foam padding. Shown below is the examples of rubber padding.



You may learn about the historical 15th century German longsword techniques from Christian Henry Tobler's book. Or learn the Italian style of the same period from Arte Gladiatoria by Luca Porzio and Gregory Mele.


Beginner Grade

Overall Length: 42.75"

Blade Length: 34.25"

Price: 450 HKD / 63 USD


  Real Weapon Shape Real Weapon Size Real Weapon Weight Real Weapon Balance Full Contact Full Body Targeting Safety* Historical Accurate Techniques** Endurance > 100 duels* Blade with Discernible Edge(s) and Flat Non-Cylindrical Grip
master grade
Beginner Grade          

* Measured under the circumstance where only helmets with face mask were worn, sparring with full speed.

** Includes but not limited to parry, block, slide, bind and wind.


For international order, we accept payment through PayPal. Please email for details.

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