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Just like any real swords, every contact taxes the weapons' life to various degree inevitably. Realistic Sparring Weapons are designed to fight against other Realistic Sparring Weapons. It would suffer unnecessary damages if hit at any hard objects, such as hitting the guard of the opponent's Realistic Sparring Weapons may dent or tear the blade's cover. Hitting wooden swords, bamboo swords or the cement floor would damage the blade also. Doing so will decrease the lifespan of the product rapidly. Remember the old saying in the martial arts, hit the person, not his weapon.


  1. Put liquid lubricant on the blades every time before combat to simulate the slippery effect of the real swords during blade contact.

    Edge placement / hasuji are different terms for the same thing. Swords are not bludgeoning weapons like mace, staff or fist. Hitting the target forcefully alone would not guarantee a cut. One has to hit in the direction that the edge is pointing at, so that the contact area would be as small as possible to ensure the generation of a large pressure. Hence,  the target's surface is penetrated and a cut is made.

    Since Realistic Sparring Weapons features non-cylindrical blade, the edge(s) provide more shock-absorbing ability to encourage correct blade alignment / edge placement / hasuji.

Safety Issues

  1. A helmet with face mask is necessary to protect the user's head from the full contact impact during Realistic Sparring Weapons combat. A pair of gloves are also suggested to protect the fragile fingers. Additional safety equipment should be worn in case the participants feel the need.


Do not bang around with your Realistic Sparring Weapons. They were designed to be used with historical accurate swordsmanship techniques. Only hit your opponent's head, limbs or torso with the sword tip or the edge(s), not the sides or the spine. Otherwise, you may injure your opponent. However, you may parry and deflect opponent's attack with whatever part of your weapons.
  1. The hilt and the guard of Realistic Sparring Weapons are hard. Hitting your opponents with them may cause injury. Although such techniques exist historically, do it at your own risk. That's why a helmet with face mask is preferred so you can do pommel strike at your opponent's head.


Do not put your Realistic Sparring Weapons with the tip on the ground. Doing so would ruin the shock-absorption ability of the tip and make it unsafe for full-powered thrusting later on.


Do not put other items on top of your Realistic Sparring Weapons. Otherwise the blades would lose the shock-absorption ability needed to be safe for full contact usage. 
  1. Respect your Realistic Sparring Weapons as if they were real weapons, guns loaded with ammo. Never point at someone not ready to fight; Never hit somebody not participated in the combat; Never swing around when there are people within approximation. Develop good manners through the practice.


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