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English Two Hander

Price: 1500 HKD / 210 USD (with triple padding and flexible tip)

Sold: 19


English Two Hander was among the longest battle sword in Europe along with Swedish and German two handers. It was generally longer and heavier than Scottish Claymore, which was relatively cutting oriented and featuring a thinner blade thickness. These swords were not for everyone and those who could wield it practically were deployed to important positions like guarding the flag, the castle corridor, being the body guard for the general or being the tie-breaker when the pike formations had clashed and stuck. Since their jobs were highly risky, they often receive double pay.


The Realistic Sparring Weapon version is built with double padding so that it could be used without additional padded armor.


Double padded swords have a broader profile for better shock absorption ability.



A sword with double padding is shown below along with a normal padded one.


Specifications (slight variance occurs due to the nature of handmade)

Overall Length: 59.25"

Blade Length: 46"

Weight: 6 lbs


We'll repair the battle damage of your blade for 415 HKD. If you want the guard renewed also, it would be 485 HKD. The repair service excludes broken core.



The guard will be padded with foam for free by default. Shown below is an example of foam padding:



Or padded with rubber with the cost 40HKD / 5.28 USD. It is more attractive and durable than the foam padding. Shown below is the examples of rubber padding.



Beginner Grade

Overall Length: 56"

Blade Length: 40"

Price: 400 HKD / 56 USD


  Real Weapon Shape Real Weapon Size Real Weapon Weight Real Weapon Balance Full Contact Full Body Targeting Safety* Historical Accurate Techniques** Endurance > 100 duels* Blade with Discernible Edge(s) and Flat Non-Cylindrical Grip
master grade
Beginner Grade          

* Measured under the circumstance where only helmets with face mask were worn, sparring with full speed.

** Includes but not limited to parry, block, slide, bind and wind.


For international order, we accept payment through PayPal. Please email for details.

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