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Lancelot Chan Ying Chih and his professional sword testing service





Lancelot Chan has been practicing traditional swordsmanship and participating in freestyle fencing for almost 20 years. This mixture of experience has led him to realize how a sword was used earnestly in various styles back in their prime time.


Lancelot Chan offers unique, tailor-made sword testing programs to figure out a sword's battle readiness.

  • Light test: normal cutting tests on thick and substantial targets, such as soaked newspapers rolls.

  • Medium test: cutting pork arms, parrying with the flat side of the sword and hitting other swords with the spine.

  • Hard test: hitting the opponent's parrying sword, hitting a piece of armor and getting hit by the opponent's weapon.




Sword tester: Lancelot Chan


Swordsmanship background:

  • Basic sword cutting and sparring techniques, including single handed swords, dual wield, katana and bastard sword since 1998

  • Specialized in German Longsword from 2005 to 2008

  • Specialized in Chinese Longsword 2008 to current

Positions held in the field:

  • Founder of Realistic Sparring Weapons 2003 -

  • Swordsmanship Director of Ancient Combat Association 2003 -

  • Technical Advisor of Jing Ding Club 2012 -

  • Director of Association for Renaissance Martial Arts Hong Kong group 2004 - 2007

Sources of the modern-made swords handled:

  • Albion Swords

  • Angus Trim

  • Arms and Armors

  • Cold Steel

  • CAS Hanwei

  • Darksword Armory

  • Glen Parrell

  • Howard Clark

  • Huanuo

  • Huawu

  • Jian Chuan

  • Jim Hrisoulas

  • John Lundemo

  • Martial Art Sword

  • Michael Tinker Pearce

  • ST-Swords

  • Tianzi 17

  • Windlass

  • Zhang

  • Zhou Zheng Wu

Past Activities

Lancelot Chan and Tom Biliter were featured in a Television Broadcasting Company program.


Realistic Sparring Weapons Chinese Jian were featured in a Radio Television Hong Kong program.


Lancelot Chan was mentioned in an article written by one of the authors of Mongoliad, Cooper Moo.


Lancelot Chan and Li Mankit from USA practiced freestyle fencing.


Lancelot Chan was interviewed in a Radio Television Hong Kong program.


Lancelot Chan was interviewed in Commercial Radio.


SCA swordsman Tom Biliter from USA on the right excelled in the competition.


Taiji master Kie Brooks from United Kingdom participated in the competition.


Jay Noyes from Castle Tintagel and Avalon in Japan test cut.


Parke Troutman went to a sword show along with us. Swordsmith Zhou Zheng Wu was on the right.


Freestyle fencing with John and Robyn.

Freestyle fencing with Jason Dudek from Haidong Gumdo, another instructor and champion.


Freestyle fencing with Anthony Boyd from Korea, a Haidong Gumdo instructor and champion.


Cable TV interviewed us for freestyle fencing.


Freestyle fencing with Jonny from Shanghai Kendo club.



Freestyle fencing with Noah Arney with SCA rapier background.


Past Tests

Taking a beating from an opponent weapon with the test sword.


Performing a vertical cut into a steel container with the test sword.


Performing a parrying test with the subject sword.


Testing out a Tianzi 17 katana on pork arm.


Testing out a Hanwei Bamboo katana on pork arm.


Testing out a Tianzi 17 Han Jian on pork arm.


Testing out a Zhang 2 handed jian on pork arm.


Testing out a Huawu nodachi on pork arm.


Testing out a ST-sword katana on pork arm.


Testing out a Tinker custom sword on pork arm.


Testing out a Huawu bastard sword on pork arm.


An Angus Trim 1561 was tested on pork arm after passing through the water bottles cutting tests.

A custom made Tinker bastard sword was capable of doing a "silent cut" where the remainder half of the bottle stayed on the cutting stand.


Martial Art Sword Sun Flower classic's edge was totally intact after cutting a pork arm into halves.


Lancelot was testing out Albion Brescia Spadona in cutting pork arm.


A suede and cloth wrapped pork arm was cut through the bone in the test.


A leather wrapped pork arm was prepared for testing.


Lancelot's photographic review of his 3 longswords


Lancelot's review of 5 swords


Lancelot's review of Angus Trim 1561 longsword


Huanuosword Flying Dragon Sword (Rosewood Scabbard) photographic and specification review


Huanuosword Tachi (silver fittings) photographic review


Lancelot's review of Huanuosword Royal Peony Sword (Gold-plated)


Lancelot's review of Tinker XVII bastard sword


Lancelot's review on Calvin's Tinker bastard sword

Lancelot's review on Martial Art Swords Sun Flower Classic

Lancelot's review on Howard's Angus Trim Lady Carmen

Lancelot's review on his dream sword Brescia Spadona

Lancelot's tour de sparring in Taiwan




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