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Duklaan Chan Kok Sum
I've started practicing Kendo since 1999. Under a random circumstance, I've come into contact with the former incarnation of Realistic Sparring Weapons combat, the Sunday Butchers. I found out that there was a huge difference between the Sunday Butchers and the other existing weaponry combat activities, such as Kendo. The difference lies in the realism. The Sunday Butchers was so real and open that it even allowed someone with no former weaponry training to fight with any melee weapons along with one's survival instinct alone. I was attracted completely by the perfect concept of this game and joined them.

Afterwards, Lancelot taught me the rarely known skills in making the safety weapons. There was a time I had become obsessed with making safety weapons and produced something that had never been made before. Among the most successful ones were the European mace and the Indian Katar.



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